You can start saving money by avoiding these things.

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Have you ever struggled to save even if you don’t spend much?

I have. I haven’t saved much until I turned 30. I realized that the reason was many small things that I was unintentionally doing. Although these items might seem small, they were adding up in the long run, and by avoiding them, I was able to save a lot of money and accelerate my retirement.

There is a lot of wordy and complicated financial advice on the internet, but my strategy is to focus on the low-hanging fruits before applying more complicated ones.

With the power of compounding

But many people still keep doing these.

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You applied for your dream job, everything went well in the interview, but you still got a rejection?

You went on a date with somebody, and you thought there was a great connection, but they still ghosted you?

You were in a social circle that you loved, but they have started not inviting you to future events out of the blue?

These all happened to me, and I found out that my likability was the reason. Often it was the things I was unintentionally doing that I could easily avoid. There is a ton of complicated wordy advice written for…

4 life lessons, so you don’t make this mistake and many others.

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It happened last spring when I was stressed and overwhelmed by work.

I was working on a month-long project, putting a countless amount of hours, some days without much sleeping.

Due to my pollen allergy, I’d been using an allergy medication during spring. And that day, I had another attack. I reached my pocket to get my medication before realizing that it expired for a couple of days. What was the worst that could happen if I took it?

A quick google search to check a couple of research articles through my phone revealed that it could be perfectly fine…

#3 Eat ice cream (research-backed).

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It was the day when I turned 30. As usual, I woke up in the morning, went outside of my apartment in Los Angeles through the morning quietness, drove towards my office in West Hollywood. But, it wasn’t until I reached the door that I realized I’d left my keys back home.

This had never happened to me before. At that moment, it hit me. My memory is not as good as it used to be when I was younger, starting to slowly forget the simplest of things.

Shockingly, research shows that not all people have the same level of…

Manage your happiness portfolio using a diversification strategy to help maximize your happiness.

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Imagine you are a money manager, who has a limited amount of money to invest in the stock market to get the highest return possible. How would you invest your money? Would you invest in a single stock or multiple stocks? In one industry or across a variety of industries? Turns out, successful money managers use a strategy called “diversification”.

Now imagine you are an “emotion manager”, who has a limited amount of emotional power. Which strategy do you use to balance your emotions? Can you use emotional “diversification” to get the high return on investment of your emotions resulting…

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